About Us

Each piece in the innovative Gaia Collection is part of an artisanal process used to create exceptional and eclectic items for your home. All items are made in unique batches by a team of artisan workers, in a carefully directed process that includes molds, sand casting, grinding and polishing by hand, hand-glazing and painting. Clay is fired in kilns at temperatures as high as 2192 degrees Fahrenheit to add strength and durability to each item.

The Gaia Collection includes a variety of items to enhance your home décor, with vases of all shapes, sizes and colors, and unique tea pot serving sets are a few of the many artisanal pieces created by master craftsmen. The exciting designs bring a sense of the exotic and exclusive to your home with interesting materials and highly stylized patterns to catch the eye and fan the fire of curiosity.

Each batch has its own idiosyncrasies that recommend it. Think of each individual batch as a limited edition, similar in the overall design, but containing its own penchants and whims. Every artisan on the Gaia Collection team is a master at work when creating these highly individual pieces that you will treasure as part of a well-appointed and inspiring home. Add a piece from the Gaia Collection to accentuate your taste in something uncommon.