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Creating Your Rustic Home Décor: Handmade Dinnerware is the Key!

December 07, 2015

The current trend toward simpler, more rustic home décor is a welcome one for all who had grown weary of the streamlined, sanitized modern interior designs that have held sway for several decades. Those designs – born in the last century and seen as desirable by a society that sought to disassociate itself from its less technologically proficient past – had long since outworn their welcome. Thankfully, more and more people have discovered that houses with sparse furnishings often fail in the one test that really matters: feeling like a home. If you’re having trouble creating your own rustic look, however, we might have the solution: handmade dinnerware!   Now, you might be wondering how handcrafted pottery dishes could possible...

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Using Your Handcrafted Pots in the Oven

December 04, 2015

Once you start using handcrafted dinnerware and other products made by man, it can be difficult to avoid the desire to incorporate other artisan pieces into your kitchen ensemble. That helps to explain why manmade pottery dishes are not the only handcrafted kitchen items that are enjoying a period of resurgence in popularity. Clay pots are also drawing new attention, as more and more people report on just how useful they are for their kitchen adventures. Many are now even using them in their baking efforts, but others have some concerns about putting clay in the oven. The fact is that there are a few things you should know about using your handcrafted pots in the oven.   The first...

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