Our Creative Process

As we spend more time thinking about the food we eat and focusing on how we create lasting sensory experiences with our meals, the resurgence of handmade dinnerware, pots, and vases has exploded onto the scene. While we all know that each individual piece is handmade and crafted, each with its own idiosyncrasies and quirks and no two of our dishes are alike, what most don’t know is that there is so much more than just individuality at stake when using naturally made dishes.


First of all, let’s imagine the handmade piece’s counterpart: The industrial made dish. Over the years, the name of the game became less about the quality of the pieces made, but rather what could be made quickly and cheaply. This is known as mass production, and it all but destroyed the small pot throwers sixty years ago. As materials cheapened, quality was lost and chemicals began to be used frequently in the materials on which we were expected to eat our food. These massive factories also leave a huge carbon footprint.

Now think of the handmade art that you receive when you bring home a new piece from the Gaia Collection. The piece was designed, crafted, and created naturally by an individual who had a relationship with the materials, a vision for the piece, and can tell you every step involved in its creation. At the end of the process is a piece that is unlike any other in the world, there will never be another. It is a creation that is safe for your food and good for your heart, knowing that you are eating off a beautiful piece that is healthy for you and the environment, and crafted out of the highest quality of materials. You are truly buying an heirloom.