Batch #122, Round Hand Glazed Candle Holder Set

The Gaia Collection’s master craftsmen have created this set of two hand-glazed ceramic candle holders through an artisanal process unique to Gaia and our customers. Each batch is individually made and distinct from others in the collection, resulting in a limited edition piece that closely resembles other batches, but has its own eclectic properties.

Batch #122, Round Hand Glazed Candle Holder Set has been beautifully hand crafted in a porcelain clay that’s been kiln fired to 2192 degrees Fahrenheit, making it both graceful and durable. The intriguing colour and pattern, in this case a subtle transition of green to blue, is down to the reaction between the glaze and the kiln – with the finish on every batch entirely unique. Since the artisanal design process is carried out exclusively by hand and never mass-produced, the exquisite detail and mesmerising hues of the candle holder are all the more exceptional and instantly draws the eye. Whether chosen as a gift for a friend or family-member who appreciates the beauty of crafted design or simply as a striking addition to your current collection, the Round Ceramic Candle Holder will undoubtedly lift the décor in a room. Available as a set of two, they are the perfect accessory with which to decorate your dinner table when entertaining guests over festive periods.

  • 4” high x 4.5” diameter