Batch #204, Hand Glazed Pots

The Gaia Collection’s master craftsmen have created this hand-glazed set of pots through an artisanal process unique to Gaia and our customers. Each batch is individually created distinct from the others so that you have a limited edition piece that closely resembles other batches, but has its own eclectic properties.

Batch #204, Hand Glazed Pots are made of porcelain clay that’s kiln fired to 2192 degree Fahrenheit to be both sturdy and stylish. The trio of pots come in ascending heights and diameters and are the perfect statement piece to show off your collection. The pots are all waterproof and can be used in a variety of ways to help you decorate with style.

- Large: 6.9-in high x 9.6-in diameter, Medium: 5.9-in high x 7.7-in diameter, Small:3.8-in high x 5.5-in diameter

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