Batch #35, Tall Rounded Hand Glazed Vase

The Gaia Collection’s master craftsmen have created this hand-glazed ceramic vase through an artisanal process unique to Gaia and our customers. Each batch is individually made and distinct from others in the collection, resulting in a limited edition piece that closely resembles other batches, but has its own individual properties.

Batch #35, Tall Rounded Hand Glazed Vase has been intricately hand crafted in a porcelain clay that’s been kiln fired to 2192 degrees Fahrenheit, making it as robust as it is elegant. The intriguing colour of the vase is down to the reaction between the glaze and the kiln – with the finish on every batch entirely unique. Since the artisanal design process is carried out exclusively by hand and never mass-produced, the exquisite detail and mesmerising hues of the vase are all the more exceptional. Display it on a table, bookshelf or mantelpiece with a bouquet of your favourite flowers to bring colour and warmth to a room.

  • 11.2” high x 6.5” diameter