Batch #128, Cast Iron Tea Set

Batch #128, Cast Iron Tea Set, lets you put a little more on the table than an ordinary tea service. The unique, steel blue, cast iron tea pot holds 12oz of tea, with 2 tall cups for serving your guests or family. Perfect for gathering with a friend over a cup of tea to catch up, cast iron stands the test of time, and you’ll love the unique vintage appeal of the Batch #128, Cast Iron Tea Set, as part of your collection of interesting artisanal home accessories.

A highly unique and individual process goes into the design and creation of each piece in the Gaia Collection. Artisans begin by making the molds for each piece, and once each mold is perfectly sculpted, they sand cast with melted iron. The master craftsmen let each piece cool, and then they grind and polish by hand, which gives each piece in the Gaia Collection a unique appeal. Each piece then receives an enamel coating on the inside to make it waterproof and is then fired in kilns at temperatures as high as 1832 degrees Fahrenheit to create a strong and durable pot or cup that accentuates any table-scape.

Each cast iron batch of the tea set, is created individually, meaning nothing in the Gaia Collection is mass produced. You’ll have the luxury of a limited edition item with each product offered. Add the Gaia Collection Batch #128, Cast Iron Tea Set, to your collection of unique and expressive accessories that make a statement about your exquisite taste in design.