November 06, 2015

Home Decor and a Return to the Natural World

Does your house feel like a home? When you walk into it after a long day at work, does it have that feeling of warmth and security that most of us associate with hominess? For millions of people, the answer to those questions is probably a resounding “no.” The fact is that many of us have allowed ourselves to be so separated from the natural world by the allure of modern furnishings and other commercial goods that our connection to our world has suffered mightily.


We exist in a world that is as cold as the graveyard, as sterile as any massive parking lot and almost as uninviting as the surface of the Moon. In our mad dash for technological gain and commercial bounty, we’ve sacrificed much of what connected us to our natural surroundings – and oftentimes destroyed those surroundings in the process. This has occurred on almost every level, both small and large. Even seemingly sacrosanct staples of culture like handmade pottery had, for a time, all but vanished in our quest for modernism.


That’s all changing, however! A new spirit of longing for the natural world is spreading, and with it a desire for those most ancient cultural traditions. Handcrafted pottery is making a comeback, as restaurants are casting aside their stale machine-made dinnerware in favor of artisan dishes that bring the comfort of the home to the tables of the finest dining establishments.


Everyday homeowners are picking up on the trend as well. As people spend less and less time in their homes, the quality of that time becomes ever more critical. We want our homes to feel as they did in those days before mass consumerism. We need our homes to feel warm and inviting. And we are doing what we must to achieve those wants and needs.


Home décor is the place to begin, and handmade pottery items are the perfect way to bring the natural back inside your abode. Start with the kitchen. Those porcelain or glass dishes in your cupboard are a great first step on your journey back to the natural world. Imagine replacing them with a fine set of individually crafted plates, cups, bowls, and other pieces.


That glazed and fired clay has a special natural feel to it, and it’s not just something that changes the way you think about dining. Indeed, every artisan piece is literally a work of art as well. That’s why so many people now go beyond just owning these handmade dishes for use as dinnerware, and have now taken to decorating their homes with the same theme. Handcrafted pots, vases, and planters can restore any home to a more natural state.


Of course, this may all seem very new to you, and that can be a little disorienting. If you haven’t had the chance to really catch up on all that the new pottery artisans have to offer, that’s okay too. Just take a quick look at our Gaia Collection and you’ll instantly understand exactly why the natural world of ancient times is beginning to once again play an important role in the décor of the modern home.