November 25, 2015

For the Love of Food and Art: Your Handcrafted Dinnerware

If you love food and art in anything close to equal measure, then it’s probably well past time for you to consider how handcrafted dinnerware can impact your life. In recent years, millions of people have been leaving behind the modern factory-produced dishes they’ve known all their lives and they’ve started to use plates, bowls, cups, and other implements made by human hand. In so doing, they have adopted a new way of life that synthesizes the best aspects of traditional living and modern sensibilities.


For a food lover, there can be no greater joy than a well-prepared dish served on dinnerware that enhances the dining experience. Those factory-produced dishes add nothing to that experience. Instead, they’re just there, and serve only to keep the meal you’re eating from touching the table. There is no ambiance created by a machine-made product – no sense of intrigue, history, or emotion. There is nothing other than utility. Are they effective for your dining needs? Yes, but only in the same way that a sleeping bag can serve as a bed when needed. They get the job done, but nothing more.


Handcrafted dishes are more than just utility pieces. They are quite literally unique works of art that can alter your entire dining experience on a fundamental level. If you’ve ever eaten or drank from a dish made by human hands, you know the sensations that you experience. There is a special feeling attached to that form of dining – a sense of security and warmth that you can feel embracing you as you embrace that dish and the food it contains.


The reasons for this are many and varied. The first may involve the actual materials. There is energy in all things from the earth, and it is an energy that cannot be stripped away when dishes are made by hand. That elemental force connects you at a deeper level to the earthiness of the dish in your hands, and by extension it connects you to the person who crafted it. But those connections are just part of the experience.


There is also the fact that many people just find that their food smells better and has a richer taste to it when served on handmade artisan dishes. The aroma has an earthier feel to it, perhaps due to the earthen origins of the item. The food seems to embrace you with its aroma and its taste, caressing your senses and comforting you in the way that you may have never experienced before when dining on factory dinnerware.


And, of course, each piece is as artistic as anything you’ll find in a museum of modern art. Every nook and crevice in these imperfect dishes tells a tale of an artist’s labor of love at his or her potter’s wheel. Each delicate indication of grain or subtle change in the hue of the glaze speaks to us in ways that sterile machine-made products never can. If you love food and art, then handcrafted dinnerware is the best way to experience both on a daily basis!