December 07, 2015

Creating Your Rustic Home Décor: Handmade Dinnerware is the Key!

The current trend toward simpler, more rustic home décor is a welcome one for all who had grown weary of the streamlined, sanitized modern interior designs that have held sway for several decades. Those designs – born in the last century and seen as desirable by a society that sought to disassociate itself from its less technologically proficient past – had long since outworn their welcome. Thankfully, more and more people have discovered that houses with sparse furnishings often fail in the one test that really matters: feeling like a home. If you’re having trouble creating your own rustic look, however, we might have the solution: handmade dinnerware!


Now, you might be wondering how handcrafted pottery dishes could possible help you in your quest to create that perfect rustic ambiance, but bear with us. You’ve probably already decided to strip your home of those cold, sterile steel furnishings that somehow managed to become all the rage over the last several decades. Maybe you’ve even started to incorporate more natural wood and softer materials throughout your home. That’s a great start! Still, there’s likely something that just seems to be missing.


Pottery is the answer. The fact is that pottery has been a part of virtually every home since the birth of human civilization! Ancient potters made the dishes people used for their meals, the urns they used for washing themselves, and even the pots in which many cultures buried the remains of their dead. There were no giant factories spewing filth into the atmosphere as they churned out countless duplicates of the same old plates and cups. No, each piece of pottery was made by hand.


As a result, each piece was unique in its shape, texture, color (even when part of a collection, there are tiny differences in the glazing effects), and overall appearance. That’s still true today. When dishes are made by hand, they are not just utility items that need to be stored away in hidden cupboards after each meal. They are works of art that can be proudly displayed for the entire world to see – or at least those select people you invite into your home.


And here’s another thing to consider as well: while modern trends in décor can often seem either dazzling or dismal, depending on what’s in style at any given moment, the natural look provided by rustic interior decoration themes always looks good. That means that once you decide to incorporate those themes into your home décor, you won’t find yourself having to update your interior design every few years in an attempt to stay trendy.


So, as you pursue your rustic ambiance, consider how handcrafted pottery items like those found in the Gaia Collection can contribute to that décor. Natural products can add to that “hearth and home” feeling that you’re trying to create, and the range of earth tones available with those handcrafted items can be diverse enough to complement any color scheme. Yes, handmade dinnerware and other pottery items can be the answer to your home decoration dilemma!