October 19, 2015

Handmade Decor and the Union of Form and Function


In the universe of options for home décor, there is no style choice more unique in every way than the use of handcrafted pottery. The fact of the matter is that the modern age tendency to manufacture everything in factories that spew out one product after another, each one identical to and indistinguishable from the one before it, has created an unfortunate situation for many homeowners. They have few options when they are seeking a truly one-of-a-kind interior decoration theme.


No matter what manufactured style they select, they can rest assured that their décor selection is anything but unique. For each product they include in their design, there are thousands and thousands of identical items adorning other homes throughout the world. Manufacturing offers nothing unique except the unique sameness that comes from mass-producing items in factories. Obviously, it is futile to use common decoration items and still expect to achieve a totally unique interior design.


And as utterly commonplace as those themes can become, the effect is worsened when you consider that manufactured items typically have little fusion of form and function when it comes to decor. For example, when you purchase machine-crafted dinnerware, those pieces are generally designed either for use in the dining setting or for decorative purposes. Form and function never seem to come together in a way that makes a functional dinnerware piece suitable for display even when it is not in use.


Now consider handcrafted pottery items. Because they are each made by hand, and without the benefit of manufacturing molding processes or factory mass-production techniques, no two pieces ever come out exactly the same. Oh, sure – you can obtain whole sets that have similar shapes, design, and coloring. But when you examine those pieces with any degree of care, you’ll quickly learn that each is truly unique. Each has some difference from all the others.


That provides the uniqueness most people look for in any piece to consider it worthy of being displayed. And that’s the thing about handmade pottery” those plates, vases, cups, and bowls that you use for dining can be prominently displayed in the home as well. They’re not just functional as dinnerware, but also have the type of form that elevates them above mere dining tools into the more rarified heights of what can only be called art.


You can even take your handcrafted theme to the next level and incorporate other handmade pottery items into your décor. Flower pots, serving trays, and pitchers can all make wonderful additions to any rustic and earthy ambiance. Combined with your fine collection of artisan dinnerware, these other pottery pieces can provide the elements you need for any unified theme.


Our Gaia Collection can be a perfect place to start when you’re looking for quality artisan pottery that is made with the highest attention to detail. Our pottery artisans do more than just craft dinnerware; they create artistic pieces that will add just the type of rich ambiance your rustic décor needs.