October 22, 2015

How Restaurants Have Sparked Consumer Desire for Handmade Dinnerware

Anyone who appreciates the beauty and rustic appeal of homemade pottery just has to be thrilled at the recent resurgence in its popularity.Handcrafted dinnerware is at the forefront of this renaissance, as more and more people are moving away from the sterile machine-made décor they’ve been saddled with for decades, and opting for more traditional earthenware options.And while there are many who deserve credit for helping to spark this renewal of interest in these traditional pieces, perhaps none deserve more acknowledgment than restaurateurs.


The last decade has seen a notable shift in dinnerware choices from many more upscale restaurants, as well as many of the eateries that most would consider to be in the mainstream of the dining industry. Where it was once almost universally common to see machine-made porcelain dishes adorn the tables of the finer restaurants, things have changed dramatically. Many of those restaurants have made the conscious decision to incorporate handmade dinnerware in an attempt to create a more rustic environment.


The change makes sense from virtually every perspective. Chefs seem to prefer plating onto handmade dishes, as the more earthen canvas presented by those pieces offers the opportunity for truly spectacular presentations. Face it: even the best food presentation is less than stellar on a plain white porcelain canvas. Moreover, the handmade option provides an even greater variety of dish styles, all in those soothing earth tones that diners associate with home.


That home-based feeling is important to customers. While most fine dining establishments have long sought to create an idyllic environment that offered something so different than the diners’ home that it created a truly unique experience, many are realizing that times have changed. When that ideal was established, the average person’s life was still centered on hearth and home. Those diners wanted something different than that home environment when they went out. Today’s busier schedules have changed that dynamic. Many of those diners now want that feeling of home when they dine out, because they seldom have the chance to dine that way at home.


As exciting as that is, the real renewal of interest in these pieces has come from customers who find their imaginations stoked from their experiences at these restaurants. Savvy consumers have searched the restaurant dinnerware for clues about the artist who designed the pieces. And yes, they can generally find the artisan information they’re seeking. That has helped many diners to contact these artisans and order their own handmade dinnerware sets for home.


It’s a trend that’s growing with each passing month, as more and more restaurants move from those monotonous porcelain collections to the more rustic handmade options. Obviously, it’s a trend that is beginning to spark and even broader revival of interest in pottery making as well – as new demand always requires artisans to step up and fulfill that need. With our Gaia Collection, we’re doing our part to keep the fires of this revival burning strongly as well. Check out our collection for yourself, and see for yourself the type of quality handmade dinnerware the best pottery artisans in the world are crafting these days!