November 18, 2015

Handcrafted Dinnerware: Economical Again!


If you pay any attention to dining trends, then you may already be aware of the fact that many people are once again expressing interest in those handcrafted plates, mugs, cups, and other types of manmade dinnerware that were once commonplace. For several generations now, those pottery pieces have been less popular as they were replaced with cheaper, mass-produced commercial products made by machines in factories. Pottery – a craft that has followed civilization since men first graced the planet – was all but extinguished by the relentless drive of modernity.


But there’s an old belief that effectively says that nature will always find a way. In this case, it was human nature and its desire to reconnect to the natural world. Evidently there remain some lengths to which modern man will not go when it comes to surrendering completely to the impersonal world of the machines. In defiance of the trend towards greater uniformity in kitchenware, many in society are once again demanding those artisan crafts that have served humankind so well over the millennia.


For some time now, that desire for the simpler comforts that pottery can provide has been building. However, the inexpensive costs associated with manufactured goods, and the relatively higher costs involved in handmade items made the pursuit of that desire impractical for most. That left many potters struggling to make ends meet, while many others resigned their craft to being little more than a hobby.


The world changes constantly, however, and those changes eventually caught up with the dinnerware market as well. Over the last few decades, those finer serving sets flowing out of the factories have increased in price to the point where handmade dinnerware is now once again competitive in price. That makes this the ideal time to buy handcrafted dining sets!


Of course, you’re still probably going to pay a little more than you would for a fine set of manufactured dinnerware, but handcrafted is well worth that minor added cost. Face it: the value you receive when you buy dining pieces like those in the Gaia Collection far exceeds anything you can find produced by machines. The pieces are weightier, more durable, and more individualized. In short, they’re filled with exactly the type of personality you want in your home décor.


It’s also easier than ever to find the dinnerware you want. For many years, it was virtually impossible to find a resource that could put you in touch with a collection or with the artisan who crafted those pieces. Today, the power of the internet has altered that dynamic and provided the type of platform that potters need to ensure that this revival of their craft has real staying power.


So yes, it is a great time to buy handmade items again. Some of the finest artisans in the world are busy every day creating masterpieces that would be perfect for your home. And with the new trend toward equilibrium in the cost of machine-made and handcrafted dinnerware, you can have those pieces without breaking the family budget.