November 21, 2015

The Many Advantages of Handcrafted Dinnerware

You already know how comforting it is to hold a piece of handmade pottery in your hand and admire the texture and patterns it displays. Even its imperfections are interesting in ways that draw your attention and leave you wondering what the potter was thinking as he crafted that work of functional art. With your handcrafted dinnerware, you are in touch with the natural world, just as your ancestors were throughout all of human history.



Apart from binding you to the past with connections that traverse thousands of years of history, that handmade dish is also a source of many advantages. It brings benefits to your life that no machine-made product could ever hope to match. When you understand these advantages, then you begin to appreciate just how important these pieces can be in every aspect of your life.


Of course, the most obvious advantage is the fact that this dinnerware is meant to be used. When an artisan sits down to craft pieces like those found in the Gaia Collection, he or she is not merely creating a plate or bowl to sit in a display case – though all are artistic enough in their own right to actually serve in that capacity. But no, the artist is creating something that is not only beautiful, but inherently functional as well. Dishes are made to be used, and handmade dishes are no exception.


When you dine with your dinnerware, you discover very quickly that there’s a different feel to the experience. For many, food just tastes better when it is served on dishes that were made by human hands. Maybe that has something to do with that unbroken chain that ties us to the past, or perhaps it just has to do with the more natural sensation of eating from a dish with more natural origins. Whatever the reason, these dishes do seem to make the food seem richer and more inviting.


Because they are made by hand, each dish has its own distinct character as well. Everyone has subtle differences from its brethren, making each a special member of the collection. That enhances the artistic aspect of your dinnerware ensemble, and makes every single plate, bowl, and mug seem just a little more personable and inviting.


The fine craftsmanship, weight, and earthen tones that characterize many of these dishes make them more precious as well. While you might buy new machine-made dishes on a frequent basis, you’ll want to keep your handmade set forever, even passing them down to the next generation. Your ancestors would have understood that these are keepsakes, worthy of living on through successive generations in your family.


Finally, there is the matter of aesthetics to consider. Your manufactured dish sets may have served you well in the past, but they were good for nothing more than the dining experience. You never would have dreamed of displaying them when not in use. Because these handmade dinnerware items are so artistic, you’ll want to showcase them in your home, as part of your overall décor. Together, they’ll bring that rustic appeal to your house that will make it feel even more like a home!